【Our customer interview】 What do you think about purchasing a book folding?

Hello, this is Takashi Aokii, the president of OruFun.
Today, I’m writing this article for our customer interview.
We, OruFun, have made book folding for people all over the world, so we will share our customer interview with you and see how our customers think about getting our book folding in their life.

Hope you would enjoy and review how our customers think about our products.

Let’s get started!

ーー May I ask you shortly about yourself, Matsunari-san.?

I'm a housewife. As my hobby, I love collecting interior and fancy goods in my house. I’m addicted to collecting things a lot. lol

ーー I know how you feel, Matsunari-san ! First of all, how did you find a book folding?

I take Nantucket Basket lessons, and my teacher purchased the “Welcome” book folding from your brand. I really thought it was beautiful and amazing. It was my first experience of book folding. And, I wanted to have it as my own too.

ーー So, you have bought your book folding!! Thank you very much! Could you tell me how you plan to enjoy our book folding?

To display as an interior for my favorite place. There is a display shelf in my house and I thought that It would be gorgeous if the Welcome book folding displayed with my Nantucket basket!

Can I show you my book folding?

ーー Looks amazing! I really appreciate you enjoying them!
ーー Matsunari-san bought 2 Ready To Fold book foldings “Welcome” and “World Map”. How long did you make them?

A day for the World Map, About 2 to 3 days for the Welcome. It was a good experience to make book folding. Good thing for me is that it is not a long time.


ーー We have 2 types of book folding, A book folding already made by our creator and ready to fold book folding that you make by yourself as our merchandise, why did you choose the ready to fold book folding?

Fun for making things is very important for me. If I could have the same design, it would be more fun and happy to make it by myself!


ーー To be honest, Is the rate for our book folding fair for you? What do you think?

For me, it is just fair because you make all products carefully by hand. Selling things like this at a lower price, its value would be disrespected so it should be sold at a fair price.
However, it would not be good if the price gets higher! lol

ーー Thank you for understanding our brand deeply.
Lastly, let us know anything about our improvements. I’m happy to listen to your opinion and claim lol

I would be more happy if I could choose a book or genre for book folding. I was a bit surprised that my book is about rehabilitation for a lung! lol I wish I had some Harry Potter books… But, at the same time, I would have an expected book that is sun-burned and different types of books, so it is also a fun experience too!

ーーWe will take care of your opinion.

Thank you very much for your time, Matsunari-san!

※ Photo of Matsunari-san's book folding